Our Commitment to Quality

At Thunderbird Trading, we take pride in our unwavering commitment to quality. Every step of our production process, from design selection to the final product, is infused with a dedication to excellence.

We believe that exceptional products are born from attention to detail and a passion for craftsmanship. It’s not just about creating apparel; it’s about creating experiences and memories for our customers. Discover how our commitment to quality shines through in every garment we produce.


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How to order

Begin your journey with Thunderbird Trading Ltd by first selecting a design that speaks to you. Once you’ve chosen a design that captures your vision, it’s time to customize it with a range of options to make it uniquely yours. Here is the process once you’ve chosen a design:

1. Choose Apparel Type

Start by selecting the type of apparel that suits your needs.

2. Choose Apparel Style

Choose from a variety of stylish options to match your preference.

3. Choose Color

Find the perfect color that complements your brand.

4. Select Sizes & Quantities

Select the sizes and quantities you need in the chosen color.

After you’ve placed your order, we’ll be in touch to confirm your order and arrange for payment. Rest assured, the screen printing process takes place right here at our shop in Canada, ensuring quality control every step of the way. While we strive for efficiency, please note that the entire process may take up to 3-4 months. To accommodate tight schedules, don’t hesitate to contact us for rush order options. Plan ahead and let us bring your vision to life!

*multiple apparel types, styles, colors and sizes can be selected
*the minimum total number of products is 12

Our Brands